Arabic and Shari’ah programme

Mustafa College, Part Time

This Arabic and Shari’ah programme has a primarily English syllabus. It is taught part-time to students who are seeking to enrich their lives by studying the sacred sciences, but who do not wish to study in Arabic.

  • To enable students to develop an understanding of Islam in the context of the contemporary world without sacrificing the purity of the sacred sciences.

4 years part-time

  • Etiquette of acquiring knowledge,
  • Hadith,
  • Islamic Jurisprudence &
  • Quranic Arabic with translation

Saturdays: 09.00 – 13.00

  • New Registrations: R1,000
  • Re-registration: R800
  • Annual Fees (Part-Time): R7,800
  • 10% discount available on fees paid annually before March 2024
  • 2.5% siblings discount available

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