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Dar al-Turath al-Islami (DTI) means the Home of Islamic Heritage; dar is ‘home’ and turath is ‘heritage’. Through a range of activities, such as memorising the Qur’an and learning the shari’ah from classical Arabic texts, the dar seeks to open the door for students to our rich Islamic heritage and its scholars.

About DTI

At DTI we offer you the space and support to facilitate your learning, offering full-time as well as weekend classes.
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Our Church Street Campus and Belgravia Road Campus are spacious and well-equipped for students to learn.
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DTI Staff

We are blessed to have highly qualified teachers who have studied in a range of countries, including Yemen, Egypt, Syria and South Africa.
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At DTI we bring you traditional sacred knowledge, and give you the space and support to study it.

Dar al-Safa is a branch of the prestigious Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen, where all the knowledge has an authentic chain of transmission. So the knowledge flowing from Dar al-Safa is pure and unadulterated. We aim to preserve and transmit this knowledge to nourish scholars and laypeople and to contribute to bringing about a revival of the Islamic sciences in an era in which truth is increasingly under attack.

Anwar al-Tanzil is our hifz academy. It offers full-time and part-time Qur’an memorisation programmes for boys and girls in a traditional setting. We are committed to nourishing each student and providing them with individual attention. Our aim is to instil love and reverence within them for the Holy Qur’an, and to enable them to memorise it with excellent tajwid skills.

The Madrasah offers basic Islamic education to children in the weekday afternoons and on Sundays. It is aimed at school-children who are able to attend Islamic education classes on a part-time basis only. Our aim is to provide the children with the knowledge that is compulsory for them, while nurturing them in a supportive Islamic environment.

The Ilm intensive programme consists of various ad hoc classes on contemporary issues facing the Muslim community. The classes are designed to touch hearts and satisfy inquiring minds, as well as providing practical guidance for the seeker. They are taught by highly qualified scholars and are open to those striving to expand their Islamic knowledge and to become better servants of Allah.

Mustafa College offers students the opportunity to study the Islamic sciences in English. The programme is offered part-time. We aim to enable students to enrich their lives by learning about Islam in the context of the modern world without losing the purity of the traditional sciences.

These efforts come at a significant expense, of which our limited income streams only cover 50% through student fees, donations, fundraisers and book sales. The shortfall is R 1,5 million (± $80,000). We need your support through Zakah, Lillah and Sadaqah, please donate generously!

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