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Kindly Note: All registration fees are non-refundable

Afternoon Madrasah (16h00 – 18h00):

  • New Registrations: R500
  • Re-registration: R300
  • Monthly Fees: R450
  • Annual Fees (Full-Time): R4,950

Friday Madrasah (16h00 – 18h00):

  • New Registrations: R500
  • Re-registration: R300
  • Monthly Fees: R250
  • Annual Fees (Full-Time): R2,750

Saturday Madrasah (09h00 – 13h30):

  • New Registrations: R500
  • Re-registration: R350
  • Monthly Fees: R400
  • Annual Fees (Full-Time): R4,400

Also Note: All NEW STUDENTS will be contacted forĀ anĀ interview

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Unless prior notice to the contrary is given in writing to the school, the following parties undertake to
pay all invoiced amounts due to the school regularly:

  1. The student, if he or she is self-supporting; or
  2. The biological parent/s of a dependent student; and/or
  3. The biological mother of a dependent student in the event that she is a single parent; and/or
  4. The biological father of a dependent student; and/or
  5. The lawful guardian/s of a dependent student; and/or
  6. The grandparent/s of a dependent student; and/or
  7. Any person acting lawfully in the capacity of the custodian of a dependent student.
  • The above parties shall accordingly be liable for failure to pay any such amounts.
  • Please note that school fees are subject to review mid-term as well as annually, should the economic situation necessitates such a review.

Students in need of financial aid must please contact us to request the necessary forms


  • All payments are to be received by the first of the month.
  • Please be advised that if a student leaves the school before completing the period for which
    they have registered, they will be liable to pay fees for the three months following their
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New Registration, Re-registration


Afternoons, Fridays, Saturdays

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Annual Instalments (Once-off), Monthly Instalments, Quarterly Instalments

First Instalment

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