About Dar al-Turath
Dar al-Turath al-Islami (DTI) means the Home of Islamic Heritage; dar is ‘home’ and turath is ‘heritage’. Through a range of activities, such as memorising the Qur’an and learning the shari’ah from classical Arabic texts, the dar seeks to open the door for students to our rich Islamic heritage and its scholars.


“Ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban to you. We extend a warm welcome to all who want to embark on the noble journey of seeking sacred knowledge. You will find DTI a place that nurtures and guides you along this journey, and opens your heart and soul to the peace that comes from the establishment of sacred knowledge within you”

About DTI

Programmes to fit your schedule

We offer students the opportunity to study full-time if they are able. And for those whose commitments make full-time study impossible, we run classes over weekends too.
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Preparing you for your learning Journey

We realise that most students will be beginners in Arabic, so we start our shari’ah programme with a year’s Arabic Intensive, in which we use a tried-and-tested curriculum that has equipped many students to understand Arabic within a year.
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Helping reclaim rich Islamic Knowledge

To date, hundreds of learners, men and women, students and professionals, have participated successfully in our programmes, reclaiming their share of the rich Islamic legacy of learning and scholarship.
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English or Arabic Programmes

Our shari’ah programme is unique in that it draws only on Arabic texts, and scholars teaching in Arabic and English. However, for those who aren’t keen to study in Arabic, we offer the programme in English over weekends.

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DTI Campuses

Our Church Street Campus and Belgravia Road Campus are spacious and well-equipped for students to learn.

Church Street Campus

Our Church Street campus houses Dār al-Safā’ full-time and Part-Time, as well as the full-time boys’ section of Anwār al-Tanzīl Ḥifẓ School. It is equipped with a spacious auditorium, a well-stocked library, and five classrooms fitted with projectors and air conditioning. The auditorium is used to accommodate the larger classes with a capacity of 200. It is also used as a Muṣalla for Ẓuhr Ṣalāh in jamā’ah and as a Jamā’ah Khānah during the week and for Tarawīḥ during Ramaḍān.

Belgravia Road Campus

Our brand-new Belgravia Road campus houses the girls’ section of Anwār al-Tanzīl Ḥifẓ School, both full-time and part-time (Males Only), as well as the afternoon Madrasa. In addition, Mustfa College and Dar al-Safa part-time classes are run there. The campus is also home to a ladies’ class every Thursday. It has five classrooms equipped with air conditioning and projectors, an in-house kitchen and wuḍu facilities for men and women.

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