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Dar al-Safa offers an Arabic and Shari’ah programme that is designed to equip students to become scholars. Students are required to become proficient in Arabic and to study classical texts in Arabic, although teaching may be conducted in English or Arabic. Mustafa College, on the other hand, offers an Arabic and Shari’ah programme with a primarily English syllabus. It is taught part-time to students who are seeking to enrich their lives by studying the sacred sciences, but who do not wish to study in Arabic.

The pace for full-time study is intense and requires the full focus of the student. The pace for part-time is much slower, aiming to enable students to study while fulfilling their work or other duties.

The syllabus for Dar al-Safa can be found here for the beginners’ level and here for the intermediate level (Nayan, please provide links to the book lists for beginners’ and intermediate level).

Students seeking to become Islamic scholars should study at Dar al-Safa. Study at Mustafa College is for those students seeking to learn in English with a view to improving themselves as well as calling people to Allah.

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