Al-Khulāṣah: The Cream of Remembrance (hard-back)


Book Author: Ḥabīb 'Umar bin Ḥafīẓ
Date of Publication: 2015

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Ḥabīb ‘Umar, the author of this compilation, is a descendant of the Prophet Muḥammadﷺ and a well-known Yemeni scholar and caller to Allah. The book comprises a collection of litanies and supplications in Arabic, with English translation and transliteration by Professor Ghoesain Mohamed. It is designed to assist the seeker to traverse the path of spiritual wayfaring. It includes invocations and supplications for Qyām al-Layl, as well as a range of well-known poems and litanies, such as the Qasīdah of Imām Abū Bakr bin ‘Abdullah al-‘Aydarūs, the Wird of Shaykh Abū Bakr bin Sālim and the Wird al-Laṭīf of Imām al-Ḥaddād.

Book Author: Ḥabīb 'Umar bin Ḥafīẓ
Translator: Professor Ghoesain Mohamed
Publisher: Dar al-Turath al-Islami
Date of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-56592-197-9

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