Part-time Arabic

Dar al-Safa, Part Time

This programme is designed to accommodate the needs of those who want to study Arabic but are not able to do so full-time.

  • To enable students to attain proficiency in reading and writing the Arabic language.
  • To enable students to gain skills in translating Arabic into English.
  • To enable students to understand and apply the principles of tajwīd

1 year part-time

Syntax (Nahw)

  • Enables students to understand and assimilate the principles of syntax.

Morphology (Ṣarf)

  • Equips students to understand and memorise the verb scales for regular and irregular verbs.


  • Enables students to develop the ability to translate excerpts from the Qur’an into English.


  • Provides students with the opportunity to understand and assimilate the rules of tajwīd, and to apply them to their Quranic recitation.

Saturday: 09.00 – 13.00


First registration: R800. Payment must be made at registration to secure a place.

Returning students: R500. Payment must be made at registration to secure a place.


R4,800 per year

Payments may be made in a lump sum or by monthly instalments. The deadline for the final payment is Friday, 15th December 2020.

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