First Year

First Year

No Description Presenter[s] Discs Comment Price
1 Shamail al-Tirmidhi on the Characteristics of the Prophet (saw) Mln Abdurragmaan Khan 12 Ilm Intensive Courses R400.00
2 Insurance in Islam Mln Muhammad Carr 2 Ilm Intensive Courses R100.00
3 Sexuality in Islam Mln Muaadh AllieMln Dawood SampsonDr Mujeeb 3 Living Islam Series R130.00
4 Prophetic Medicine Dr Mujeeb 2 Living Islam Series R100.00
5 From the death of the Prophet (saw) till the martyrdom of Husayn (ra) Mln Abdurragmaan Khan 4 Jumuah lecture series R160.00
6 Spirituality in Islam Mln Abdurragmaan KhanMln Riad SaloojeeMln AbdulKhaliq Allie

Sh FakhrudDin Uwaisi

2 Ramadan Sunday lecture series R100.00
7 The Prophet (saw): His childhood& The Beginning of Revelation Mln Ebrahim GaffoorMln Abdurragmaan Khan 1 Ilm Intensive Courses R50
8 The Prophet�s Character in the Quran & Purity of Lineage; Foster Mother�s and Spiritual Cleansing Mln Irshaad SedickMln Ebrahim Gaffoor 1 Ilm Intensive Courses R50
9 The Importance of Salah &Taqwa Mln Tawfeeq MaroofMln Yaqub Yusuf 1 Jumuah R50
10 Choosing the Best Company &Are You Ready for Death Sh. Ismail LondtMln Muaadh Allie 1 Jumuah R50



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