Fatawa & Articles – Mln Tauha Karaan

‘Ibadat (Rituals)

Breaking of wudu by touching females
(This fatwah includes a discussion on “The Shafi‘i madhhab and Hadith” and “Leaving the Bounds of the Madhhab”)

The calculation of Sadaqah Al Fitr

Sujud on the nose: requirement or not?

The placement of hands in Salah

Qunut in Fajr

The Pretensions of Postmodernism and the Hadith of Ummu Waraqah


Business & Contract Law

Challenges from Sasol’s Inzalo Share Initiative

The Islamic ruling on copyright


Family & Personal Law

Proprietary Consequences of a Muslim Marriage and Divorce



Fatwah on music and music shows

The two eid conflict in the Western Cape

Shellac: A Fiqhi Appraisal

On keeping a beard in the Shafi’i school [part 3]

On keeping a beard in the Shafi’i school [part 2]


Shafi‘i Fiqh (Books, Authors and Methodologies)

Correspondence between Ml Taha and a student (Here mln discusses the pattern of authorship in the Shafi’i school)

An allegation against Imam as-Subki

Another Correspondence between Mln Taha and his student (Here mln discusses the issue of which limbs should be placed on the ground during sajdah)

The difference between al-Nawawi and Ibn Hajar



The Shi’ah and Hadith (Arabic)