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DTI (Dar al-Turath al-Islami) presents to all Cape Muslims a crucial 7 week course on the realities of the end of times.

The following topics will be discussed:

- Dajjal and his fitnah
- Gog and magog and their mischief
- The final hour and its terror
- Death and what happens thereafter
- The ruh and its eternal bode
- Life in the grave and its realities
- Resurrection and our state
- The final destination – Paradise or Hell-fire

Masjidur Raghmah, Athlone st, Garlandale

Every Tuesday, After Isha for the duration of 1hr 15min

Free (donations welcome)

Course Outline

29TH April –  Signs of Qiyamah (part 1) - Mln Khalil Hendricks
06th May –    Signs of Qiyamah (part 2) - Mln Ebraheem Karriem
13th May –    Death - Mln Abdurragmaan Khan
20th May –    Realities of the Grave and the Barzakh - Mln Siraj Gierie
27th May –    The day of Judgement - Mln Ilyas Ismail
03rd June –   Jahannam - Mln Irshaad Sedick
10th June –   Jannah - Mln Muhammad Carr

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Faith vs Materialism: A commentary on Surah al-Kahf





DTI: Ilm Intensive Courses offers you a unique opportunity to discover the deeper meanings and lessons from this great chapter of the Holy Quran.  The Prophet sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam encouraged us – his ummah –  to recite this chapter every friday, and informed us that the one who does so will have a light (nur) eminating from his feet to the clouds in the heavens.

This 5 week course will be devoted to a thematic examination of Surah al-Kahf and its preeminent concern with warning about the dangers – both subtle and evident – of materialism. Surah al-Kahf provides powerful lessons to us in order that we may properly insulate ourselves from the perils of materialism by connecting or hearts to Allah.

The two friends of the garden  Mln Mujaahid White                download notes

Companions of the cave             Sh. Zakariyya Harnaker          download notes

Musa & Khidr                                 Mln Irshaad Sedick                   download notes

Dhul Qarnayn                               Mln Abdurragmaan Khan         download slides

Dajjal & Materialism                  Mln Muaadth Allie                      download notes


VENUE:  Portland’s Masjid, Mitchell’s Plain

TIME:  Tuesdays, immediately after Magrib

DATE:  25 March – 22 April

COST:  FREE (Donations are welcome)

 For more info please contact:  Mln NimatuLlah Fester 074 0798296 / /