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DTI Media Center aims at making classes and lectures conducted by local scholars available to the broader Muslim community who might not be able to attend the actual dars. DTI manages and conducts a host of classes covering relative and contemporary issues that face the Muslim community. Hours of preparation are invested in preparing a single class that might not be repeated.  Video and audio technology however allows us to record such lessons and at the very least afford those who are unable to acquire the benefit first hand, to do so by means of these recordings.

DVDs may be purchased at:

(1) Masjid Raghmah, 15 Athlone st, Garlandale (Magrib to Isha)

(2) The Deen Store, 508 Lansdowne road, Lansdowne (office hours)

(3)  Timbuktu Books, Shop 4, 19 Golfcourse rd.  Sybrandt Park, Rondebosch 

(3) via our contact form here

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 Living Seerah: Lessons for the Here and Now

A heart-warming 2 day seminar drawing important and relative lessons from the various phases of the Prophet Biography. (An Ilm Academy initiative; see pic for details)


6 discs                    R200.00


Our Sacred Law: The letter and Spirit of Fiqh

An exciting 2 day conference covering important and relevant topics such as the following of a madhhab and good innovation.  A must have for every serious Muslim.  (An Ilm Academy initiative; see pic for details)

3 Discs      R120.00      sample clip


Reading of the Shama’il at-Tirmidhi on the Characteristics of RasuluLlah

A complete reading with commentary on this classical text that deals with the resplendent qualities and features of the final messenger sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam.

presented by mln Abdurragmaan Khan

3 volumes * 5 discs                  R120.00 per volume                 listen/download audio

Insurance in Islam

Presented by mln Muhammad Carr

2 discs             R80.00




Sexuality in Islam

An exciting 1 day workshop that tackles important aspects of sexuality, presenting answers to hundreds of questions in the minds of our youth.

Presenters: mln Muaadth Allie, mln Dawood Sampson, Dr Mujeeb Hoosein

discs: 3            Price: R120.00



Spirituality in Islam

A very informative series of lectures dealing with the important science of tasawwuf

presented by: mln Abdurragmaan Khan, Mln Riad Saloojee, Mln AbdulKhaliq Allie, Sh. FakhruDdin Uwaysi

discs: 2            Price: R80.00


Tibb an-Nabawi: Prophetic Medicine

Presented by: Dr Mujeeb Hoosein (Tibb medical practioner)

Discs: 2             Price: R80.00



Ilm Intensive general classes

Presented by various lecturers

Disc: 1             Price: R40.00



An Introduction to the Study of Hadith

An exciting introduction to this important subject which covers the essentials for anyone serious about the study of Hadith or Prophetic tradition.

Discs: 2           Price: R80