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What is Riba?

A short yet beneficial booklet that defines riba (interest and usury) in light of the Quran and Sunnah. This work is much needed for Muslims around the globe so as to save themselves from falling in that which Allah declares war against

Size: A5
Pages: 40
Price: R30.00 (out of stock)

Setting Out on the Path to Calling Towards Allah (2nd Edition)

A translation of a transcribed lecture by the great scholar and saint Habib Umar, Setting Out is a useful manual for every Muslim, male and female. It deals with important qualities that every Muslim should seek to attain so as to be a benefit for humanity by calling them closer to Allah. Definitely a must for all.

Size: A6
Pages: 47
Price: ZAR 30 / USD 3

The Quran: its oral transmission from the present to the Prophet

Allah says: We it is, Who have sent down the Quran and surely We will safeguard it.

One of the means of safeguarding the Quran from any distortions has been selecting unique individuals from the nation of Islam who have dedicated their lives in memorising the Quran, perfecting its recitation, and training others to become experts in these skills. The Quran was revealed verbally, and in this manner it was taught by the Prophet to his Companions, and by them to the Successors, and so on. This continuous and uninterrupted chain of Quranic scholars have continued in every generation from the Prophetic period until present-day, preserving both the text and every minutiae of its pronunciation.  This book presents biographies of many contemporary scholars of Quran, from Egypt, Syria, India and Pakistan. It studies their transmission chains (sanads) and how the oral transmission of the Quran has continued for more than 1400 years so that it has reached us in the same pure and pristine form that it was revealed in.  It includes a chapter dedicated to local Quran teachers and students in the Western Cape. It mentions everyone in Cape Town who has sanad and ijazah, their teachers, as well as what they have received sanad and ijazah in.

Size: B5
Pages: 339
Price: R170.00 / USD 17

The Resplendent Illumination (ad-Diya al-Lami)   &                The Purifying Drink (ash-Sharab at-Tahur):

The Mawlid has always been celebrated throughout Islamic history as a communal commemoration of the blessed life of the Prophet sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam. History has recorded many inspired and moving compilations –many have stood the test of time and many have been committed to heart. We pray that this Mawlid by Habib ‘Umar will be a contemporary addition to those of which Allah is pleased with and a means to re-connecting us to Allah’s beloved, the mercy for all of existence.

Size: B5
Pages: 100
Price: R50.00 / USD 5
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Imams of the Valley (2nd edition)

The valley of Hadramawt is situated in Yemen, in the south of the Arabian Peninsular.Since members of the blessed Prophetic household settled in the Valley in the fourth century of the Hijrah, it has been a centre of sacred knowledge and the attainment of spiritual perfection. In this remote valley, and particularly in its spiritual capital, Tarim, the Prophetic legacy was preserved and nurtured and then carried to the far cor- ners of the earth.

Beginning with the first of the descendants of the Prophet sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam to settle in Hadramawt and looking down the centuries to recent times, “Imams of the Valley” examines the lives of a few of these illustrious figures. It is hoped that this book will enable the reader to increase in love for the family of the Messenger sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam and for the pious, which is one of the foundations of Islam.

Size: 152mm x 222mm
Pages: 172
Price: ZAR 70 / USD 7
Download 2nd Edition (Reproduction for non-profit use is permitted)

Manasik al-Hajj

Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for most of us and much has been written on the legal aspects of this sacred journey. Of the most famous books in this regard, is the widely acclaimed Manāsik al-hajj of al-Imām al-Nawawī rahimahuLlah.  Drawing from this classical text, Mawlānā Muhammad Ayyūb al-Nadwī al-Shāfi‘ī, has compiled this hajj manual in which he provides not only a legal text, but also a how-to guide that is interspersed with practical advice. This English translation of al-Manāsik comprehensively discusses all aspects of hajj, from intention to completion, including the Qur’anic and Prophetic supplications suited to every occasion.

Moreover, it is infused with the spirituality and consciousness which are a hallmark of an-Nawawi’s work, that have been retained across the centuries

Size: 152mm x 222mm
Pages: 192
Price: ZAR 80 / 8 USD

A Compilation of Qasaid (Includes Audio CD)

Remembrance of the Divine occupies an essential pride of place in the Islamic tradition. One such form is the nasheed, poetry recited or sung in praise of Allah and His Messenger. Above and beyond their melodies, the anasheed are the carriers of profound spiritual meaning and sentiment. In their truest manifestation, they educate, inspire, connect hearts to Allah and call to a purpose of purity and inner transformation. In an age where our minds and hearts are flushed afoul with meaningless lyrics and filthy messages, Dar al-Turath is honoured to present anasheed that represent a choice selection of remembrance of Allah and His beloved.

Size: A5
Pages: 47
Price: ZAR 80 / 8 USD (Includes Audio CD by Nasheed group, Khuddam al-Islam)