Mustafa College


“Placing the Text Into Context”

The Mustafa College was formed to address the pressing needs of Muslims in our modern world for authentic and practical sacred knowledge, inspirational and transformative spirituality, and a keen acquaintance with their social, political, cultural and intellectual environment.

We take our inspiration from Islam’s sacred sources and the rich scholarly legacy that was developed from them by generation after generation of the sharpest minds and purist hearts – a legacy that respond to any challenge, in any age, to secure the greatest benefit for all in this world and the Next

Mustafa College offers a part-time, four-year program that is centred on four primary learning streams: Qur’anic Arabic, Islamic Sciences, Spirituality, and Culture and Context.

The academic year will be divided into trimesters whereby each stream will be represented by a selected module which will run for 10 weeks. Classes will take place on Saturday mornings for a duration of 4 hours (each module will be taught for a period of 1 hour). Module notes, texts and additional resources will be made available to all students. We guarantee direct access to all scholars and academics who are affiliated to the Mustafa College.

The new multipurpose DTI building will serve as the venue and established location for the Mustafa College. It will offer a conducive environment for traditional and contemporary learning. Furthermore, state of the art resources will be available for students to enhance their learning experience.

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