About Us


Making higher Islamic education available to all 

Dar al-Turath al-Islami (DTI) literally translates as Home of Islamic Heritage; dar means home and turath means heritage. The dar by means of its various activities aims to provide students access to our rich Islamic heritage and the scholars associated with it.

If you are unable to study full-time, our classes are structured outside of normal work hours so that you are able to participate in our evening classes and weekend programmes.

If you are unable to understand the Arabic medium of classical Islamic scholarship, we provide you with a tried-and-tested syllabus that has enabled students to understand Arabic and translate the Qur’an within one year.

To date, hundreds of learners, males and females, students or professionals, working full-time, have been able to successfully participate in our Arabic programmes or attend our Ilm Intensive courses, and have reclaimed their share of the rich Islamic legacy of scholarship and learning.